Widely used High Efficient CNC automatic Precision double-headed milling machine

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Double-headed milling machines are one of the most widely used milling machines in machinery manufacturing and assembly plants, and the difference between traditional milling machines is that they can be machined on both sides of the workpiece at the same time.
According to the category is divided into automatic CNC milling machine and automatic non-NC and semi-automatic type. Double-headed milling machine with double-sided milling characteristics at the same time, one is to improve processing efficiency, the second is to reduce the repeated clamping error.
CNC double - headed milling machine with numerical control system
CNC double - headed milling machine with numerical control system
Automatic CNC with automatic feeding, automatic clamping, automatic processing and a series of automation functions. The advantage lies in the liberation of both hands, to ensure accuracy, low power.
Semi-automatic manual double-headed milling machine with milling two sides of the symmetrical products can be completed once, automatic clamping, automatic feed. Manual discharge due to the design of a good feed short-range, the price will be lower, the output processing efficiency is higher, but the cost of manpower more.


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