Anti-ultraviolet finishing agent for all fibres:UV-3, textile functional finishing anti-UV agents, Reactive UV absorber

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  • Minimum order:100
  • Place of Origin:China (Mainland)

Anti-ultraviolet finishing agent:UV-3

Components: Phenyl Derivatives; Nonionic

Application Area: Applicable for all kinds of fabric


- Clear liquid

- PH≈8

- Excellent resistance to ultraviolet ray

- No effect on whiteness of fabric

- Excellent washing durability

-Can be applied together with water repellent agent、flame retardant and other auxiliary

Application:Padding or Exhaust Process. Recommended dosage is 1~ 5% o.w.f. Adjust dosage according to fabric (high dosage for light and loose fabric)

Padding Process:

UV-3 20-60g/L

Temperature Normal Temperature

Drying Normal drying condition

Curing 160-180℃, 1-1.5min

Exhaust Process:

UV-3 1-5% o.w.f

Liquor Ratio 1:10

Temperature Normal Temperature

Time 10-20 min

Drying Normal drying condition

Curing 160-180℃, 1-1.5min

Storage: 120KG plastic drum, room temperature, shelf life is 6 months

Attention: Information in this file is provided by experimental result, for reference only. Preliminary trials are recommended on the basis of application area to finalize formulation. The company is not responsible for any application and or usage which is not formally addressed to us.

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