Super Glove Boxes

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Closed Loop Gas Circulation
Inert gas in a closed loop. The gas is circulated by the blower and purifier, H2O, O2 can be removed continuously.
Auto Purging
The replacement of the atmosphere inside the glove box can be achieved automatically by the purging valves.
Automatic Regeneration
H2O and O2 removal material can be regenerated. The regeneration process can be program controlled.
Automatic Pressure Control
The pressure in the glove box is controlled automatically by the Programmable Logic Controller (PLC). Working pressure can be set between +10mba and -10mba. If the pressure goes over+/- 12mbar, the system will be protected automatically.
Eco Mode
The vacuum pump will be activated automatically when necessary, and will turn off after a period of idle time. Blower frequency will be switched to 25Hz when moisture and oxygen level reaches to less than 1 ppm
High Capacity Purifier
Rapid removal of H2O and O2 to less than 1ppm
Long intervals between regeneration cycles.
PLC Control and Color Touchscreen HMI
Automatic Purge; Circulation; Regeneration; Pressure control; User Friendly Interface.
Long Life Moisture and Oxygen Analyzers
P2O5 Moisture Sensor: Corrosion resistant, Renewable by acid-cleaning if the probe is contaminated by HF or other corrosive environmental exposure.
ZrO2 Oxygen Sensor: Solid sensor, long life, can be exposed to air without consumption.
Customize a glove box specially for your application
Our engineering team can help to turn your idea into a solution.
Stainless Steel gas pipes and connectors
All the gloveboxes has been upgrade to stainless steel pipes and connectors with much higher corrosive-proof for highly corrosive environment.

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