fiber bed mist eliminator candle filter

  • 10:1000
  • 10:1000

TCI fiber bed mist eliminator candle filter

Fiber bed (candle filter) mist eliminators are used to remove fine particles

from a gas stream. Fine particles include sub micron particles (i.e. below 1

micron) and particles between 1 and 3 microns. All fiber bed mist eliminators

are cylindrical with fiber or fiber/metal mesh layer fitted between two concentric

cages and are usually installed on a tube sheet in a tower. Soluble solids can be

handled efficiently by dissolving them in a solvent. Insoluble solids can be handled

to a moderate degree as well, however excess insoluble solids can cause plugging

of the fiber bed mist eliminators.

Typical applications:


Steam drums (removal of entrained water droplets)
Sea water evaporators (removal of entrained liquid to improve distillate purity)
Compressed air and gas systems (removal of oil mist)
Humidifiers (to ensure saturation and prevent excess liquid carry-over)
Process plant effluent systems
Gas turbine inlets (removal of liquid from supply gases)

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