Camouflage Clothing Fabric

  • Width:63’’/67’’
  • Density:120*60,108*58,100*52,60*60,88*60
  • Minimum order:500
  • Material:T / C
  • Yarn Count:20*16,21*21
  • Place of Origin:China

Brief Information

Camouflage clothing is rather self-explanatory. It is clothing worn by people, usually hunters, who wish to blend in with their environment. It is also used by military personnel for the same purpose.


Natural environmental protection green fabrics without stimulation.
Quality: use high quality whole process reactive dyeing and finishing, light, fresh color, good color fastness, low shrinkage.
Wear-resisting not easy corrugate, dimension stability, not easy to shrink.
Application:clothing for military, military, military training awning, car covers, bag, tent, luggage, frock etc.
Color:green, blue, or according you order
Processing facilities:Digital printing, Dyeing ,Stitching and Packing
Process requirements: Full process (include singeing and mercerizing) or according to customers requirements.
Dye:disperse dyes, direct dyes, reactive dyes and vat dyes available.
Special process requirements:water-proof, oil-proof, soil release, flame retardant, anti-static, acid and alkali resistant, crease-resistant, fluorescence, resistance to chlorine bleaching.


polyester/ cotton;
100% cotton;
100% polyester.


Item No. Composition Yarn Count Density Width GSM Style
HS829 CVC60/40 20X16 120X60 63’’ 225g—245g Twill 3/1
HS830 T65/C35 20X16 120X60 63’’/67’’ 225g—245g
HS831 21X21 108X58 63’’/67’’ 185g—200g
HS832 21X21 100X52 63’’ 180g—185g Plain
HS824 21X21 60X60 63’’ 140g—145g
HS833 21X21 88X60 63’’ 170g—180g
HS835 T80/C20 20X16 120X60 63’’/67’’ 225g—245g Twill 3/1
HS836 21X21 108x58 63’’/67’’ 185g—200g
HS837 21X21 100x52 63’’ 180g—185g Plain
HS838 21X21 88X60 63’’ 170g—180g
HS839 T90/C10 20X16 120X60 63’’ 225g—245g Twill 3/1
HS840 21X21 108X58 63’’ 185g—200g
HS841 21X21 100X52 63’’ 180g—185g Plain
HS842 21X21 88X60 63’’ 170g—180g
HS843 100% C 20X16 120X60 63’’ 225g—245g Twill 3/1
HS844 21X21 108X58 63’’ 185g—200g
HS845 100% T 20X16 120X60 63’’ 225g—245g
HS846 21X21 108X58 63’’ 150g—195g
Note: Weight (GSM) can be customized according to customer requirements

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