self-leveling mortar mixer

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This equipment has added an electric control box and one more outlet than ordinary type. And the extra oulet controlled by a pedal switch. The remarkable feature of electric equipment is that the number of finished products is controlled by foot electronic switch. Compared with ordinary equipment, the operation is more convenient and fast. It can be matched with the electronic scale to meet the needs of customers who need to weigh bags. It can be widely used inputty paste,natural stone paint,dry powder,wall putty, self-leveling mortar, medicine, food, chemicals, feed,ceramics, refractory materials, such as powder, that is, the mixture of powder and mortar, chemical industry, compound fertilizer, dyes, pigments, rubber, building materials, refractories, rare earth, plastic glass, new materials, nuclear energy materials and so on. The solid and solid (i.e. powder and powder) and solid slurry (i.e. powder and mortar liquid) materials are mixed.

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