ceramic tile adhesive mixer

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Ceramic tile adhesive is commonly referred to as ceramic tile binder. It is a kind of building material used for bonding all kinds of ceramic tiles, and its material form is dry powder. The color of tile adhesive has two kinds of gray and white. The common in market is gray tile adhesive. This kind of color tile glue is usually made up of grey cement, sand, cellulose, and redispersible glue powder. White tiles are usually used to stick marble, mosaic,use white tiles on marble and mosaics mainly to prevent the darkening of the color and lustre of tile. In addition, the gap between the marble is wide, the water absorption is large, the iron ions in the gray cement will be more obvious pollution marble. The composition of the white tile glue is roughly similar to the grey tile glue, but the grey cement should be replaced with white cement and the aggregate must be selected with white quartz sand.

The advantages of applying adhensive to bonding ceramic tiles:
Easy construction
Anti slip
Long open time
There is enough of time to adjust the tiles
It has good bonding strength with different substrates under different climatic conditions.

It is due to the fact that the ceramic tile adhensive has more advantage than that of the on-site mixing mortar, so the tile adhensive has already had a large market in China. But what are the equipment for making ceramic tiles adhensive? The equipment for the general production of ceramic tiles adhensive is called \"dry mortar mixer\", Here please have a look our Shenghua Chemical Equipment.

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