Free samples High transparent pe plastic Dual Film Duct cover Duct Wrap film

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Enfee Dual Film(Duct cover film) is a high tack adhesion film, specially designed as a temporary closure protection to the uninstalled or partially installed opening duct, HAVC under construction or in transit. Duct Cover Film also helps to meet SMACNA guidelines for providing temporary closures on open ductwork.

It has a very high adhesion, yet it won\'t leave a residue on metal after
removal.This durable film is very resistant to tears and punctures.

Basic Use:
Enfee dual film is designed to be placed on at the ends of the opening of the ductwork during storage and transportation, to protect the inside of ductwork form dust, dirt, insects, moisture, and also other particulates that can accumulate in the duct that can lead to poor indoor air quality.

Enfee Duct Cover Film can be used on a wide variety of different sized ductwork. Roll sizes ranging from 18\" to 48\" wide are available so that you can protect any type of ductwork quickly and easily. The entire thickness of duct protection film is 2mil, 2.5mil, 3mil, so it can prevents from tears and punctures.
Can be removed without leaving any residue;
Product remains intact over bends and curved surfaces
High resistance to tears,
--Adheres to Galvanized,stainless steel, Aluminum, PVC coated, etc.
--Can be used indoor and outdoor, stand up to the rain, sun, snow, etc.


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