Silica Sand Dry Drum Magnetic Separator Price

  • FOB Price : USD $5,000.00 / Piece
  • Minimum order:1
  • Place of Origin:China
  • Application:Silica Sand magnetic processing
Quartz especially for manganese carbonate ore, often form a higher grade of manganese ore aggregate, in the case of coarse crushing, that is, to the higher grade of manganese rich body, therefore, for quartz operations, dry magnetic separation operations is more appropriate.Magnetic separation machine for manganese quartz sand, in addition to the general dry preconcentration of the same operation, the waste rock composition in the ore for pre-throwing, but also to complete a part of the selection of the operation, reduce the unnecessary grinding operation of fine mill.
Quartz sand special magnetic separation machine is a permanent magnetic separation equipment specially designed by the company to improve the whiteness and processing capacity of quartz sand.The equipment has other mineral processing equipment can not be replaced by the mineral processing advantages, quartz sand magnetic separation machine magnetic system, using high quality ferrite material or with rare earth magnetic steel composite, magnetic separation effect is good.
Internal structure drawing
Quartz sand special magnetic separator is composed of frame, permanent magnet cylinder, transmission device, feeding box, tank and other main parts.The products are widely used in abrasive tools, refractories, non-metallic ore dressing, carbon black, grain, feed, chemical raw materials and other industries.The structure design is compact, the price is reasonable, is your ideal beneficiation iron removal equipment.
Quartz sand specialmagnetic separator
1. Rubidium boron and other materials are used in the magnetic blocks of the special magnetic separator for quartz sand, which are magnetically stable and non-demagnetized.Generally, demagnetization and demagnetization will not occur after ten years of use, but it should be noted that it cannot be used at high temperature, which is easy to demagnetize.
2. The special magnetic separator for quartz sand adopts the method of double drum collocation for ore dressing, which can largely recover the magnetic iron in minerals. The first magnetic drum is the semi-magnetic of 3000GS, and the second is the full magnetic of 5000GS.
3, quartz sand special magnetic separator leather with double cylinder leather, easy to replace the long service life, even if the damage is easy to maintain.
4. The dedicated magnetic separator for quartz sand has the characteristics of large processing capacity and high recovery rate, and the processing capacity can reach 500m cubed /h.

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