2019 newly developed high quality conical screw mixer and blender with retractable rotor design S&L ®

  • Minimum order:1
  • Place of Origin:China
The screw agitator pull out for cleaning is an ideal design for hygienic mixing environment, access mixing chamber and reduce downtime for cleaning and cross contamination. With driven system, the top cover and vessel are separated from each easily. Regardless the sticky materials on vessel, screw agitator or other area, it always provide the good way for complete cleaning to avoid pollution or for receipt changing.

Working Principle:
It is quick clamp structure between end plate and end flange of vessel body. The shaft can be easy and quick open away from vessel. The input shaft connects with reducer and hold by reducer bearing. The other side shaft is positioned by two bearings. There is rail guide and shaft can be fully open driven by motor or manual operation. However, it needs PLC control system to operate the machine and position sensor to let shaft stop at the same position if the shaft need to be pull open.

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