roller kiln

  • Minimum order:1
1. Standard section modules prefabricated.

2. Fuel in usaing are LPG, natural gas, generated coal gas,

pipline coal gas, diesel oil or heavy oil.

3. Combine reasonable structure design with advanced

isothermal small flow burner, control by PID, temperature

auto controlled, burning with bright flame, ensure small

kiln section temperature difference, the working

temperature can reach to 1300℃.

4. Selective roof structure for kiln: suspending roof,

hanger plate, arch roof. Prevent dust falling from kiln

roof, prolong the lifespan of kiln and reduce the kiln


5. Drive by 45° bevel gears which equipped differentially,

divides into sections for control. The speed of cycloid pin

gear speed reducer is adjusted by interters. So it has the

feature of simple, smooth and stable.

6. The applications of compuuter automatic monitering

system transfer the kiln management from experience

approach to data automation.

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