Oil sunflower thresher

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Oil sunflower thresher
1. A sunflower thresher, the threshing machine comprises a body, a threshing roller, a sieve, a bracket, a suspension frame, and the body has a tubular working chamber,

The surface is provided with a feed inlet, and the bottom is provided with a discharge port. The threshing roller and the sieve are disposed inside the working cavity of the body, and the bracket and the hanger are disposed outside the body.

side. The utility model adopts the above structure, and the suspension frame on the utility model can be conveniently installed on the bumper of the tractor and passed through

The power of the tractor makes it work normally. The structure of the threshing machine is simple and reasonable, the threshing effect is good, and the efficiency is high, which is especially suitable for individual farmers.

2. The machine consists of a rack, a seed-removing shaft, a seed-removing tooth, a transmission wheel and a \"concave\"-shaped fence-shaped bracket disposed under the seed-removing shaft.

The seed shaft or the sleeve fixed on the outside of the seed removal shaft is equidistantly longitudinally provided with a plurality of continuous continuous distances from the shaft surface or the tube surface by connecting the support rods

The type of seedless teeth, and the section of the seedless teeth is circular or rectangular, triangular, and rhombic.

3. The structure is simple, the volume is light and the cost is low, and the removal rate can reach 100%, thereby solving the complicated structure of the existing sunflower seed eliminator and removing the net.

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