combine harvester

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Introduction tocombine harvester

The combine harvester is referred to as the grain combine harvester, which is a combination machine for harvesting crops. It was called Kangbein in the early 1950s. It is capable of harvesting, threshing, separating stems and removing debris from cereal crops at one time. A harvesting machine that directly obtains grain from the field.

Before the emergence of thecombine harvester

Combine harvester

Domestic harvesters started late, and were mainly imitated and imported from the Soviet Union, the United States, and Canada. Many joints or support parts have not been calculated in detail, but are designed and manufactured according to the size of the harvesters that have been built in developed countries, making the harvesters bulky and of high quality.

Large harvesters are very complex mechanical equipment. The use of large harvesters has higher requirements for the leveling and scale of the land. The well-known wheat in the North China Plain, the Sanjiang Plain, and the rice producing areas have long been used in combination production.

Compared to large harvesters, the design of small harvesters is more casual. Many domestic institutions have begun to try to design and manufacture small harvesters. These institutions design small harvesters suitable for local land environments and productivity. These harvesters are low-cost, easy to maintain, easy to use, suitable for all terrains, and have low maintenance requirements. Such harvesters are generally purchased by individuals and are suitable for small-scale production by small farmers.

Combine harvester use:

The grain combine harvester is mainly used for the combined harvesting of wheat crops, and can be cut, threshed, separated and cleaned in one field. When used for segment harvesting, the harvester is loaded with the harvester to pick up the grain strips after drying and to complete the operations of threshing, separation and cleaning. Rice, corn, soybean, millet and elevated grain crops can be harvested when additional attachments (such as soybean low-cutting devices) are added to the graincombine harvester

Combine harvester for sale:

Combine harvester is the most complex structure in agricultural machinery, with high technology content and strict manufacturing technology requirements. Therefore, the quality requirements for the operation user are also relatively high. Users should be aware of the following during purchase and use, which is beneficial for proper operation of the machine and extended service life.

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