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Dongfang Yoyik perennial supply spare parts of steam turbine, turbine generator, EH oil system filter, fluorine rubber O-ring, EHC system various types of pumps, valves, power plant automatic control components, water turbine generator, all kinds of bearings, electrical insulation materials, and other power plant spare parts accessories. The quality is quite worthy of buying.

EH oil main pump 02-334632

filter LH0660D5BN3HC
DC pump HSNH210-54
Air Filter 110302
HSNH280-46N coupling elastic block for sealing oil pump
70YB-45 seal ring for 300MW units DC EOP
EH oil system inlet filter WV160*100J
CVC-25-A Unloading valve
MOOG servo valve 72-559A
non-return valve S10P5
YCZ65-250A shaft for stator cooling water pump
filter STZX2-400*5
O-ring C8689093

EH oil main pump 02-334632
514700021 MOOG PUMP
TPYcoalesce filter 1202845
oil filter WU-A160*40S
RSV2 trip solenoid valve 18YV
EH oil main pump outlet filter HGHC9600FKP13Z
NXQ-A25/31.5-L-EH accumulator bladder
B1640C-021000A TD BFP Turbine-Turbine casing fixing bolts
filter TXX-250*50
filter 1201652
filter LH0330D20BN3HC
sealing ring HB4-56J8-51

EH oil main pump 02-334632


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