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Need to rive the processing of the wire design; pressing riveting, connecting the wire, replacing the traditional soldering method, without the shortcomings of cold welding, air welding and air pollution, is the most simple and effective for passing various safety specifications (UL, JIS) The way. User-friendly design, easy to operate.
Special continuous copper strip terminals are used. The material is cut, formed and pressed once, and it is quickly and without waste, which saves costs.
The copper strip terminal is treated with special grain, and the endurance is strong after riveting, and the quality is stable.
Equipped with straight/bent die holders for different product connections.
Scope of application: connection between xenon lamp and resistor, connection of sliding switch to wire, connection of high temperature heating element, connection of thermal element (such as reed switch, constant temperature fuse). Enameled wire and wire connection

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