ANTIOXIDANT 1425 CAS NO.65140-91-2

  • Minimum order:100kg
  • Place of Origin:China

Chemical Name:Calcium bis[monoethyl(3,5-di-tert-butyl-4-hydroxylbenzyl)phosphonate]

CAS No.:65140-91-2

Molecular formula:C34H56O10P2Ca

Molecular weight:695

Appearance:White powder

Melting Point,℃:260


Calcium,%: 5.5-5.9




ANTIOXIDNT HONOX-1425 has low volatility,highresistance to extractionand good compatibility with most substrates.It is a highly efficient and non discolouring stabilizer for organic substrates.It is particularly useful as a stabilizer and esterification catalyst in modified rosin resins and in PET and other thermoplastic polyesters. It is also effective for the stabilization of polyolefin (particularly polypropylene fiber), crosslinked elastomer and special adhesive, wax, oil etc. It shows good processing stability during polypropylene fiber production when combined with antioxidant 168. info at hhochem. com

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