FRP/GRP/ DRE fittings, Fibreglass reinforced plastic

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  • Minimum order:1
  • Place of Origin:China


Our GRE oil pipes and fittings had already certificated by API 15HR and API 15LR.

a. Diameter Range: 25mm - 1000mm (1\" - 40\")
b. Rated Pressure Range: ≤ 25MPa
c. Max. Operating Temperature: 110℃


(1)High strength, Used for the carriageways directly buried, don’t need concrete cover, Can speed up the construction progress

(2)Flexibility, Resistant to outside pressure and damage

(3)Electric insulation, flame retardant, heat resistant performance is good, can be use for a long time in 130 degrees heat and not easy deformation.

(4)Resistance corrosion, long service life, can resist acid, alkali and salt corrosion; can be used more than 50 years.

(5)Smooth inner wall, protect cable

(6)Sealing circle and socket connection, easy to handling

(7)Light weight, easy to construction, saves cost

(8)Applicability range is wide: Glass fiber reinforced plastic cable protection tube is buried cable laying in the protection work, also used in Cable Bridge, high demand across the occasion.


(1) City power grid construction and renovation project

(2) City reconstruction project

(3) Aviation airport project construction

(4) Industrial zone, residential project construction

(5) Traffic road , bridge construction

The type of pipe\'s coupling:

1). Sole sealing ring socket coupling: suitable for medium pressure

2). Double sealing ring socket coupling: suitable for high pressure

3). Socket coupling: suitable for high pressure and heavy-caliber piping

4). Spigot coupling: suitable for high, medium and low pressure piping and fittings\' coupling

5). Socket \'0\' type sealing coupling, nylon clapper \'0\' wedged lock which mainly apply to axial strength piping

6). Flange coupling: suitable for medium and low pressure piping

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