Automatic transformer winding machine

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HAO-130 automatic transformer winding machine for current transformer is the new generation of winding equipment according to the power industry requirement and present manual winding technology of current transformer. Automatic transformer winding machine unique winding fixture design, facelift fast,precision tension line frame control, quality is more secure and so on.


1. PLC system,it has the machine tool wire storage automatic computation, automatic counting, automatic stop,stop memory and so on,and simplifies the operation greatly.

2. Automatic transformer winding machine,it realize the dual-wire or multi-wire multi-layer winding.

3. High precision and wide application range.

4. Low maintenance cost, energy saving and low noise.

5. Automatic transformer winding machine can realize the continuous stepping stepless adjustment from 0.01mm.

6. It is specially used for winding the circular coils of the small batch and many varieties.

Steps of Quality Control:

1. Strictly control the purchase standard of raw materials.

2. Automatic transformer winding machine with high precision equipments and rich experience workers to process components, make each process up to standard.

3. Assembly process, recheck the quality of the components, the machine appearance etc.

4. Before shipment, test all operating procedures by winding the core to ensure the machine work normally.

Main Technical Parameters:

Item Technical Parameters
Model HAO-130
Diameter range of windable electromgnetic wire Φ0.3-1.5mm
Min inner diameter of winded coils Φ 30mm
Max outer diameter of winded coils Φ 130mm
Max height of winded coils 60mm
Max winding rotation speed 100rpm
Machine tool power 0.75KW
Max outline size of machine tool 500*800*1000mm

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