automatic APG injection mold machine

  • FOB Price : USD $50,000.00 / Piece
  • Minimum order:1
  • Place of Origin:china

A New Generation of Automatic Feeding Pressure System_ Welcome to consult!(The original equipment is easy to install and has no noise)

Start the intake with one key: Replace the manual opening of air valve intake before.

Auto-deflation: When the pressure-holding time is up, the deflation valve will be opened

automatically without manual deflation.

Auto-boost and constant pressure, If the pressure is lower than the set pressure, it will automatically replenish the air pressure

Alarm system: Set a upper and lower limit of intake pressure,if it reaches the upper or lower limit,improve the safety performance of overpressure,At the same time, it can also prevent product disqualification caused by low pressure.

Storage records of products of various specifications, which products need to be manufactured for direct access.

Automatic stacking pressure: As the performance of this epoxy resin changes over time, the feed pressure needs to be increased, PLC touch screen control is used to realize the function of automatically increasing pressure, ensure the qualified rate of the product.

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