Good Substitution of LCPP Paraffin PVC Plasticizer

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Good Substitution of LCPP Paraffin PVC Plasticizer

Plasticizer C02



C02 is specially used to replace GB standard chlorinated paraffin because paraffin has high viscosity, dense, low plasticity when used as plasticizer. It has obvious application advantage comparing with chlorinated paraffin.

a. Good color, suitable for various of color or colorless down-stream products.

b. High thermal stability, decomposition temperature is higher than same data of paraffin, resistance to processing, lighter smell.

c. Good plasticizing efficiency, the plasticity is 1.5:1 comparing with paraffin, replace same quantity chlorinated paraffin or 30% main plasticizer of paraffin.

d. Good compatibility with PVC raw material, 100% replace chlorinated paraffin.

e. Competitive price, reduce production cost for down-stream enterprises.



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