Praxair and Tafa 97mxc® Ultrahard® Duocor™ Wire

  • Wire Type:Cored Wire
  • Wire Weight:15kg Each Spool
  • Spool Type:D 270
  • Application:Abrasion Resistance/Rolls/Boiler Tube
  • Size:1.6mm (1/16 Inch)
  • Place of Origin:Shanghai
  • Minimum order:30
  • FOB Price : USD $13.00 / Piece
  • Coating Hardness:60~65 HRC
  • Equal to:Tafa 97mxc
  • Condition:Half Hard

Tung Carbide is a cored wire specifically designed for arc spray systems. It is a titanium and tungsten carbide alloy in an amorphous matrix. Tung Carbide produces a hard, abrasive and corrosion resistant coating, with a service environment of up to 1000° F. Tung Carbide is used in a wide variety of industrial high wear applications.It can equivalent to Tafa 97 MXC, Duocor.

Fan Blades;
Boiler Tubes;

Product Details
Chemical composition

Grade Chemical composition(%)
Tung Carbide Cr B Ni Si TiC WC Fe
13 2 6 1 6 26 Balance

Typical Deposit Characteristics

Typical Hardness Bond Strength Deposit Rate Deposit Efficiency Abrasion Resistance
HRC 60-65 5000 psi 10 lbs/hr/100A 70% Good

Sizes & Packaging:

Diameter Packaging Wire Weight
1/16\" (1.6mm) MIG (D 300) 15kg((33 lb)/spool

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