Communication products injection molding, silk screen, painting

  • Minimum order:5000 pieces
  • Place of Origin:China
We use the communication product mold provided by the customer or made by us.According to the customer\'s product data ,we install the commodity mold on the injection machine to produce.We test the quality of the injection molding product to meet the customer\'s requirements.Then according to the customer\'s needs,we use the environmentally friendly materials to perform surface by coating processing (painting) and silk screen printing on communication product.

Founded on September 23, 2009, the original company was established in 2000 as Huatai Plastic Hardware Products Factory.

Number of people: The company has grown from dozens of employees to more than 300 employees today. It is a professional manufacturing and processing team. Business scope: domestic and foreign trade, goods and technology import and export, hardware products, plastic products, electronic products processing, mold manufacturing, CNC machinery production and processing and sales, metal parts production and processing.

Technology: With mature mold manufacturing, injection molding, electronic product production technology, skilled operation of CNC machine tools and other equipment.

Partners: mold manufacturing, injection molding and assembly for some electronic building blocks in Amazon; manufacturing molds and injection molding for air purifiers of Dingxin Technology Co., Ltd.; manufacturing molds and injection molding processing for Ruisong Electric Co., Ltd.

Corporation culture

Corporate mission

With technology innovation as the core, we will continue to provide customers with comprehensive solutions and products to create value!


Integrity, responsibility, obedience, and love!

Integrity:Honesty and integrity;

Responsibility:Admit, it is my ability, no excuses; commitment, is my pattern, guarantee results;

Obey:Obey orders and obey orders;

Loving:Speak with your heart and do things with love.

Service philosophy

Our companyadhering to the \"customer first, service\" service concept, the implementation of \"integrity wins the world\" action objectives.We always regard talents as the foundation of enterprise development, the basis of competition, the foundation of development, and pay attention to the cultivation and introduction of talents.

Ourcompany regard product quality as the life of the companyand wehavean excellent team with proficiency in professional skills, integrates design, manufacturing, development and production of a consistent operating platform, dedicated to the use of molds, injection molding, metal, electronics and other processing in different fields.In production, in order to expand the scope of product marketing,we can produceaccording tothesampleprovided by customerorOEM.

• Customer-oriented: providing customers with a comprehensive and comprehensive service;

• Service-focused: tailoring the most valuable products to customers;

• Focus on quality: Serve customers in all aspects!

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