Heat exchanger material aluminum cladding sheet coil

  • FOB Price : USD $3,950.00 / Piece
  • Minimum order:2
  • Place of Origin:China
1. Product description
Cladded aluminum material is suitable for a variety of brazing processes,such as Nocolok brazing and vacuum brazing. It\'s widely used in engine cooling and air conditioner systems in automotive industry,such as radiator,condenser,evaporator,intercooler,oil cooler and heater. In home electrics industries,such as HVAC heat exchanger,water heater,PTC heating unit; In the industrial field,such as power plant cooling systems,construction machinery and air separation equipment. Our cladded aluminum material highly recommended in the market for its stable mechanical properties,stable cladded percentage and excellent corrosion resistance.
We have developed lots of new alloys for heat exchangers to meet the different technical requirements of customers.According to our continuous internal research and customer feedbacks,we have developed our series alloys which are more suitable for customers than standard alloys.We have alloys with various properties for different applications such as long life alloy tubes,collapse resistant alloy for fins,high strength aging alloys for plates,etc.
2. Specification
2.1. Material
Core alloy: AA3003, cladding alloy: AA4343,AA4004,AA4104,AA7072 are typical
2.2. Cladding ratio
4% to 15% is typical, single or double cladding
2.3. Dimension
Width from 450mm to 1300mm, Thickness from 0.08mm to 2mm;
Tolerance for width ±1mm,Tolerance for thickness ±0.01mm;
2.4. Mechanical Properties
Meet industry standard and China standard or custom standard
2.5.Diagonal Variation
The sheets shall not have any diagonal outs beyond 0.5mm
2.6.Depth of Curvature
In any length or width of 1 meter of the material,the depth of arc shall not exceed 2 mm.
2.7.Bend test
There shall be no sign of cracking or peeling off effect while longitudinal or transverse or close bends of 180 or angular.
2.8. Surface Finish
a. The material shall be free from pinholes and tearing;
b. The material shall be free waves and buckles;
c. The slit edges must be free from burrs and shall be straight and parallel.
3.Packing way
To be packed in wooden boxes with card board and cutting with paper core in-between the coil max package weight 1500 kgs.
a.The coil eye dia shall be 250/300mm;
b. The coil outside dia shall be maximum 1350mm;
c. Packing shall not leave any damages to the slit edges or shall not collapse in the inner;
d. Coil orientation in clockwise direction and eye to sky.
Each package to be legibly marked with the name of the manufacturer or supplier, the alloy designation of material,condition,dimensions and weight.
5. Application
Typically used in heat exchange fields


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