BU Series Ultrasonic Frequency Induction Heating Machine

  • 1000:1
  • 1:1
Main Features:
1.Adopt advanced resonance inverter technology,high efficiency more than 95%;
2.Adopted IGBT solid-state inverter,high efficient,energy saving and good quality;
3.The digital phase-locked technology achieve frequency trucking automatically,simple installation,convenient operation;
4.100% Rated Duty Cycle design,can work 24hours continuously;
5.Perfect self-protected functions,high reliability,low maintain rate;
6.CNC design,easily learn to operate it;
7.Can control the heating temperature remotely and automatically by extra Infrared Thermometer,improve the heating quality and reduce human operation;
8.It is energy saving and environmental protection heating way which can replace the other common heating method:such as oxygen-acetylene furnace,coke furnace,salt bath heaters, gas heaters, etc.


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