HL-05 series electric actuator for valves

  • FOB Price : USD $70.00 / Piece
  • Minimum order:1
  • Place of Origin:China (Mainland)
  • Rotary angle:0-90
1. Due to working characteristic of valve, the actuator is required to have high -start-up torque, so
the actuator is capable to start up with full load whenever the valve is at the opening, closing or
any other intermediate positions. At the same time, the smaller rotation inertia is required for the
motor due to the adjustment of the flow. The motor for HL series Electric actuator is designed for
such special requirement and also adopt the over-hot protection
2. The uniting design of worm wheel output avoid the gap between the keyboards. The worm wheel
is made of alloy steel, featuring the high strength, good wear resistance and the long-term fatigue
3. Imported high quality microswitch make the ON-OFF more sensitive, more safer.
4. Each set of HL product is attached with a handle when ex-works. When it is necessary to have
manual operation, insert the handle directly to the manual operation port to drive valve
5. The high performance numerical control device make sure the consistency of process precision
and avoid the influence of man-made factor
6. The continuous 72hours over-load testing guarantee the product\'s stability
7. All kinds of the high precision testing equipment make the actuator abrasion less, more
precise, more perfect
Charges evaluation factor for
electric actuator
● Actual using charges
By using difference brands, customers will find some hidden charges in long time using process, excluding
charges for buying electric actuator.
O Electric actuator actual using charges
Purchasing charges+management and maintenance charges (including stop working
charges)+several times renewal charges=long term using charges
● Evaluation conclusion
For customers, best investments, highest reliability, Longest working life which can win largest
economics benefits
PLease validate HL electric actuators
Please make a compare with other brands when choose, then you will find a surprise. HL electric
actuator is always a different which comes from its special design, persistent pursuit for
quality, excellent sealing performance, perfect operation performance, and corrosion
resistance, wear resistance, endurance, reliability, beautiful appearance
ITEM 05 Series
performance POWER DC12V DC24V DC220V AC24V AC110V AC220V AC380V AC415V
Motor power 20W 10W
Rated current 3.8A 2A 0.21A 2.2A 0.48A 0.24A 0.15A 0.17A
Standard working time/torque 10S/50Nm 30S/50Nm
Optional working time/torque 2S/10Nm,6S/30Nm 6S/10Nm,10S/15Nm,20S/30Nm
Wiring B type.S type.R type.H type.A type.K type.D type.T type.Z type.ZA type
Rotary angle 0~90° Max.-10°~100°
Weight 2.2kg(Standard type)
Voltage-withstanding value 500VAC/1minute(DC24V/AC24V)150VAC/1 minute(AC110V/AC220V)2000VAC/1minute(AC380V)
Insulated resistance 20MΩ/500VDC(DC24V/AC24V) 100MΩ/500VDC(AC110V/AC110V/AC380V)
Enclosure protection(Ingress protection) IP-67
Surrouding temperature -25℃~60℃(The other temperatures can be customized)
Installation angle Any angle
Case material die-casting Aluminum Alloy
Optional function Heater space,overheat protection,with handwheel


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