multi heads 4 heads CNC CO2 laser cutter laser cutting machine laser engraver laser engraving machine

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this machine LXJ1610 with 4 laser heads,this 4 laser heads can work together,it can highten work efficiency 4 times

The working feature is this machine is that the laser heads can realize engraving and
cutting the same time and can be controlled respectively ,and the laser power can be
set respectively too. Multi -head laser machine has the feature of both processing large area with single
laser head and the process small area using multi-head with high efficiency ,the flexibility of
production improved and the applicable range become more widely .it can solve the problem
of mass production ,which cannot be achieved by single head laser machine and make mass
production by laser machine possible.

Application :
acrylic double color board glass ,marble bowlder ,ceramic ,wooden
products bamboo products cloth, leather ,plastic ,paper rubber and other nonmetal
material .

Applicable industry:
Advertising and sign building decoration art and crafts ,furniture,wooden package toy
,model ,computerized embroidery and clipping ,packaging and paper industry

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