1390 1325 big size metal cutting nonmetal cutting engraving hybrid laser machine

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  • Place of Origin:China
1.High speed laser cutting machine adopts the new high efficiency laser tube,the laser beam is more stable than the traditional type,and the life time of the laser tube can be over 6000 hours
2.Compared with the ordinary laser machine,the series adopts more scientific design and high strength steel-frame structure,which increase the fuselage strength more than 40% to prevent the machine from split during long term work.
3.The humanized and model appearance shows Itech Machinery consistent humanity idea,and it also makes the operation and maintain quite easy.
4.Advanced DSP control system,professional motion control chip,consecutive high speed curve cutting and the shortest path
selection function improve the working efficiency a lot. 2 APPLICATION MATERAILS AND INDUSTRY:
Furniture manufacturing, electronic component,thermorytic and ventilation pump,
acrylic,wood,bamboo ware,sign,and many other non-metal material processing

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