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It is well known that all kinds of potato processing and starch extraction technology is one of the most common links in food manufacturing in China, and the unique processing technology and starch extraction and processing technology need to rely on high quality and reliable starch processing equipment.According to the extraction function and corresponding processing mode of starch processing equipment in China, it can be found that the application of starch processing equipment can also bring the following benefits to customers.

1. More effectively improve the cleanliness and fineness of starch processing

Well-known potato food raw material planting environment and the corresponding material itself have a certain special properties, processing equipment and professional starch can clean processing for this kind of material effectively, to ensure that the corresponding starch extraction is more stable, can timely removal of contaminants on the surface of the let the starch processing more clean sanitation.In the design of the corresponding starch processing equipment, closed intelligent operation is also realized. There is no need for manual management, and a variety of ways are adopted to avoid the pollution caused by human factors, so that the material processed by this starch processing equipment has better cleanliness and sanitation.

2. Better extraction of all starch particles

As we all know, after starch fiber crushing and comprehensive crushing into pieces of fine processing, can make this kind of starch extraction rate get a better realization.China\'s stable performance of starch processing equipment to achieve better crushing treatment, so that the quality of starch processing and processing extraction rate has been a better realization.The relative precipitation method also improved the free chlorine net rate and improved the quality and effect of starch fine filtration in China.

Generally speaking, the application of this kind of starch processing equipment in China makes the starch production and processing in China have an automatic processing process, and the fully automatic operation mode also reduces the human labor input by customers, so the adoption of this kind of normal starch processing equipment undoubtedly improves the production technology level of relevant industries in China.For customers, choosing normal starch processing equipment can also improve their own starch production capacity as much as possible, so that the processing and utilization of starch materials in China is more reliable and the processing technology is more accurate.

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