Precision parts automatic hydrocarbon vacuum ultrasonic cleaning and drying machine

  • Minimum order:1
  • Place of Origin:China
Product Features
Full computer control system
User-friendly design, operation and maintenance of a more rational
Intelligent ventilation system, external odor
Cleaning device has a vacuum degassing
With a vacuum recovery system
Provided proof extinguishing system

Precision metal parts cleaning

Taiwan He Wei Da Supersonic Wave Equipment Company Limited is a big multi-national enterprise specializing in research, development, manufacturing, marketing and services related to supersonic wave sanitation equipments with high precision. The Company was established in May 1985 with its head office located in Taiwan and its production bases located in Shenzhen and Shanghai, China, including subsidiary companies such as Shenzhen City He Wei Da Supersonic Wave Equipment Co., Ltd, Vietnam He Wei Da Supersonic Wave Equipment Co., Ltd, He Wei Da Supersonic Wave Equipment Co., Ltd (Indonesia), He Wei Da Supersonic Wave Equipment Co., Ltd (Singapore). Since its establishment, the Company has always implemented the philosophy of business - “customer-centered services and establishment of a comprehensive service system including pre-sales, sales and after-sales”. The Company is judged as a hi-tech enterprise by the Municipal Government of Shenzhen City and granted with honoring certificates such as “Enterprise meeting consumer demands for quality nationwide”, “Reliable enterprise to consumers nationwide”, etc.


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