Trolley tunnel oven furnace drying equipment

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  • Place of Origin:China
Strong blast circulatory system has a unique design ensures temperature stability, temperature control system with digital temperature control, intuitive and eye-catching with reliable protection, over-temperature alarm. Special requirements, the introduction of the production line supporting custom designed for users.

Features at a glance:
1 outside SECC steel, fine powder coating process, the use of SUS stainless steel mirror;
2 new high-temperature long axis of the motor;
3 Vortex lose fan;
4 silicone packing tightly (Silicon Packing);
5 overtemperature protection: overload automatic power-off system;
6 cycles: forced air circulation;
7 Heating method: PID + S.S.R;
8 temperature range; room degrees + 20--260 degrees;
9 thermostat: PID microcomputer control;
10. Timer: temperature to time, time to cut off the heating power;
11. HJ-KX45 and HJ-KX60 are attached to the glass window, HJ-KX90 more of the models were no glass windows;
The display parsing ± 0.5 ℃; 2 uniformity:. ± 1.5%;
13 high precision


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