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China MS Nameplates Co. metal tag maker
We are the manufacturer of nameplates, metal tags, metal name plates, metal labels, metal stickers, metal decals, nickel label, metal wine label, etc.
Material: Stainless steel, Aluminum, Brass, Zinc, Nickel, Tin, etc.. name plate maker
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The use of signs in all aspects of our lives is a kind of trademark marks (signs) that can be seen everywhere, such as: decoration of goods, guidance of road signs, publicity notice, advertising trademarks, product function description, etc.
1. Horizontal sign: The whole proportion is relatively long horizontally. Generally, the whole face is used as advertising signs, which can be seen on the walls of small shops and large buildings.
2. Vertical sign: The whole proportion is long vertically. Generally, the whole face is used as an advertising sign.
3. Roof-type sign: refers to the plate-shaped living cube or illusory sign hanging or affixed on the roof of a building with some fixed structures.
4. Ground column signs: horizontal, vertical and three-dimensional signs marked on some fixed structures on the ground.
Fifth, protruding signboards: in the building wall prominent, in addition to the back of the whole or in the case of two sides of the wall are used as advertising carriers on both sides of the sign.

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