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stainless steel etching decorative plate. The surface of stainless steel decorative plate has a chemical corrosion and becomes a concave-convex three-dimensional decorative pattern. The metal decorative plate can be made of a whole plate, or it can be composed of more than two metal plates. After etching decorative patterns or art paintings, it can be combined into a continuous or intermittent whole decorative plate. Metal decorative plates can be flat, arc, uneven curved surface, multi-shaped surface combination or a degree of folding. The manufacturing process of this metal etching decorative plate is to first base on the requirements of different users and use the design decoration pattern of the occasion, and then to make plates, then to photograph the surface of the metal plate, dry and chemically etched. After the street has been corroded to a certain depth, the corrosion solution is washed and dried, and then different colors are selected for color according to the need or use environment. After coloring, the surface of the metal plate is polished so that the uncorroded surface is polished and exposed. The color of the metal, The corroded concave part leaves a color, which sets off the metal pattern or picture that has not been corroded to increase the beauty. Finally, the corrosion layer is applied to complete the manufacture of metal etching decorative plates.

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