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The nameplate bottom plate engravings the stripping film on the manuscript, using the engraving knife to dig and cut according to the outline of the manuscript pattern, removing the unnecessary part, leaving only the required part of the preparation method, called the metal nameplate engravings. This method works quickly, cuts the edges together, and the pattern is accurate. The stripping film used is made of a thin film that can block red light on a transparent film base, commonly known as a red film.
Another way to engrave a sign is to apply a layer of clear cellulose on a hard transparent plastic sheet to form a engravings plate. Cover it on the manuscript and engrave(not cut) the image with a stylus. After the engraving is completed, the layout is painted with an appropriate ink to make the engravings not transparent, and the ink outside the engravings can be erased and kept transparent and become a positive film. The lines carved in this method are very fine, but they are not suitable for area engraving, so they are only suitable for thin line operations.
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