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Hot drilling refers to a production process in which a pattern consisting of a hot sheet and other materials is used as a transfer film, pressed with a press press on a garment or a decorative pattern on a hat. Hot drilling is usually divided into three steps: selected drill, row drill and drill. There are many types of diamonds, such as South Korean imports, Taiwan imports, Australian diamonds, and domestic diamonds. High brightness, no color, uniform color of the back gum, high solubility of the gum is a good diamond. Nowadays, most hat manufacturers in China choose domestic diamond or Korean imported diamond. After the drill is selected, it will enter the next step, that is, the drill. Draw the designed pattern on a parchment or transparent glasspaper, then place the prepared hot paper on the pattern and face up on the sticky side. Next, the diamonds are arranged according to the pattern below, and the front of the drill is glued to the sticky side of the hot paper. And then there\'s how to put the hot iron on our hats. After lifting the White substrate of the hot film, place the sticky paper on the hat to place. Flatten the sticky paper and stick it to the hat. The last step is usually done with a hot drill, an ultrasonic drill, an ultrasonic point drill, or an iron. Where you need a hot drill, we need to mark it well, and then use a hot drill to suck the diamonds one by one, hot in the pre-marked position. In this way, the entire hat is finished. Want to complete the perfect hot drill, need to check every process strictly, from the design to the final hot drill, every step should be exquisite, take seriously.
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