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  • Place of Origin:China
Yogurt drink process flow:
1. Living bacteria type
Milk powder, white sugar, stabilizer → dissolution and blending → filter → preheating and homogenization→sterilize→cooling→blending →cold homogenization →packaging →fermented yogurt(20MPa)(125℃ 15s) (4℃) → cold storage → inspection → shipment
2. Heat-killed bacteria type
sugar, stabilizer→dissolution and blending→filter→preheating and homogenization → sterilize → cooling → packaging → fermented yogurt (18-20MPa)(120℃ 15s) →room temperature storage → inspection → shipment
There are a wide range of yogurts, users should choose appropriate yogurt products before investing.
Technical parameters:
Raw material: Fresh cow(goat) milk or milk powder or combined
End product: Various kinds of yogurt,flavored yogurt,greek yogurt
Capacity: 500 – 1000,000 liters per day
End product package: Pre-pak soft pouch, Tetra Brick, Gable Top box, plastic bottle, plastic cup, glass bottle,plastic pouch etc

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