Copper Grinding Machine for Rotogravure Cylinder Making

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  • Place of Origin:China
HJ-YMJ-I(and-II) Copper Grinding Machine is a self-developed automatic numerical control model. The grinding performance is stable and efficient. It adopts the Germany electronic parts, fully ensuring the quality and long service life of the machine.
1. The grinding stone has good rotation and tenacity.
2. The grinding head has flexible lifting and reliable movement.
3. The grinding head has reliable guiding, stable operation, good resilience, which is ensured by the professional spring machine.
4. The good multiple-pulleys are provided by reliable factories.
5.The axle of head box uses the traditional structure and the rotating parts uses the imported precise double bearings, ensuring the precise rotation and superior performance.
6. The dead centre is the anti-sliding one, preventing rollers when grinding.
7. The live centre is highly precise one, ensuring rotating precision.
8. The ABB linear rail is precise, ensuring the flexible and reliable movement of grinding head.
9. The T screw is accurate, ensuring the reliable output of power.
10.Advanced PLC and transducer ensure the advantages such as high automation, reliable performance and long service life.

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