Etching machine for the embossing cylinder

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  • Place of Origin:China

FS series etching machine is a kind of high efficiency corrosion equipment developed by advanced microcomputer control and our advanced technology imported from foreign countries, combined with the process requirements of plate making production. It has high automation, simple operation, reliable operation, convenient operation and maintenance, and advanced production process.

The height of the etching machine is only 1.5 meters high, which is in accordance with the ergonomics, especially for the operation. The internal structure and principle are consistent with the German imported corrosion machine, the nozzle is accurate in linearity and could make sure that all the glue-sprays are in the same surface. The electrical part is controlled by PLC and touch screen, and the operation is reliable, easy to operate and high stablility.

The filter device of the etching machine adopts German technology, and the filter effect is very good. It can ensure the nozzle is not clogged for a long time, and the special device is installed in the pipe. The formation of the fan surface and the shrinkage time of the fan face are very short, the etching uniformity of the workpiece is ensured, the etching effect is improved, the discharge of the waste liquid is reduced; the structure of the liquid-return adopts flip plate structure,which is located at the bottom of the tank body. It is flexible and easy to control. The liquid return speed is fast, and it can be finished in 5 seconds.

The waste liquid every time is 2 liters, compared with the German import machine, it can save 20% 1 30%.


1.Easy operation
2.The formation of the fan surface and the shrinkage time of the fan face are very short
3.Liquid –return speed is very fast
4.Better filtering effect
5.The sector size and the pressure of the atomatization could be adjust

一.Processing range:

1.Hollow cylinder / cylinder with shaft: Customized according to the clients’requirement

2.Diameter of the cylinder: Customized according to the clients’requirement

. Structure of the machine’s frame:

a. Steel plate welded frame, titanium cylindrical guide rail, surface rust prevention treatment.

b. Full closed and high precision linear guide rail, slider structure

c. High precision titanium T type screw and 4F nut

d. PVC tank, transparent upper cover, helps to observe

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