Washing Machine, Cleaning Machine for Rotogravure Cylinder

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The washing machine is the essential equipment at the beginning and end of the laser production line. Cleaning machine has simple structure, convenient operation, and simple maintenance. Lamp lighting installation, make it easy to clean and exam cylinder, roller adopts antiskid groove, a special material storage area. The machine gets the user consistent high praise.
Operator Panel
a. Cylinder rotate speed control
b. Rinsing installation, spray unit control
II. Rinsing Tank
a. washing hollow cylinder length Cylinder length range: 800mm-3000mm, diameter is φ100~400m
b. The cylinder connection module (adapter)
c. Drain-liquid installation
d. PVC welded tank
III. Electrolyte storage tank
a. Washing circulation system adopts titanium pump
b. PVC welded tank:1
IV. Frame structure
a. Main framework coated with anticorrosive paint
b. Stainless steel cover and panel
c. Cylinder driver with frequency conversion, disassembly advanced system and adapter guideline structure.
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