SCG200/200G High Speed Building Construction Passenger Lifting

  • Place of Origin:China
  • Minimum order:1
Building Construction Passenger Lifting Hoist SCG200/200G(High speed:0-96m/min).
1.Compacted structure;smaller cubic meter;excellent characteristic;convenient maintenance
2. Main electric stuffs are imported form foreign for e-control system
3. Cable Trolley are adapted to different height under the stipulated circumstance.
4.Power saving running smoothly at starting and braking.
5.With fault detection system.
6.Rated loading capacit: 2×2000kg.
7. Rated lifting capacity of suspension rod:200kg.
8. Maximum lifting height:550m.
9.Internal net dimensions (L*W*H) of suspension cage: 3.2×1.5×2.35m(The dimensions of the cage can be designed according to the customer\'s requirements).
10. Power voltage:380±5% /50Hz.
11. Motor power: NORD
12.Mast section dimensions (L*W*H): 0.65×0.65×1.508m.
13. Frequency convertible control system.
14. With large skylight, available for mast section through.
15. The device with PLC automatic landing can be selected.

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