SC320H Building Construction Equipment Crane Material Hoist

  • Minimum order:1
  • Place of Origin:China
SC320H Type Material Hoist
1. cage is an integral open top structure monolithic structure.
2. Simple structure, easy to install, transport and disassemble.
3. Frequency control, start and run smoothly.
4. can switch between frequency conversion and non frequency conversion
5. With Unlimited remote control and automatic landing.
6. With Overload device.
7. With Safety device for preventing falling.
8. With Top stop device.
10. The dimensions and loads of the cage can be designed according to the customer\'s requirements.
11. Power saving running smoothly at starting and braking.
12.With fault detection system.
13.Rated loading capacit: 3200kg.
14.Speed:0-23m/min(Chinese or NORD motor)
15. Rated lifting capacity of suspension rod:200kg.
16. Maximum lifting height:550m.
17.Internal net dimensions (L*W*H) of suspension cage: 3.2×1.5×2.35m(The dimensions of the cage can be designed according to the customer\'s requirements).

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