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Moore Limited

MOORE PLC focuse on control systems, from legacy to leading edge.

We have a large inventory of high quality, surplus control system parts. We also distribute many new hardware and software products to help supporting your existing control systems or utilize the latest control technology. We have experienced staff, extensive test facilities and we can provide 1-year warranty for all of our surplus parts


Lead time:2-3 working days

Product orgin:the USA


FOB shipping port: Xiamen, China

Payment: T/T

Color: metal color

Note: MostHonerwellparts have a part type. We try to list the part numbers under what is most recognizable, but sometimes there are many versions so we have to use the detailed article number. Please search our database for both numbers to make sure you find the correct item for your needs.

If any question, please contact us.


Tel: 86-180-20714492