Real-touch Nature looking Artificial flowers

  • Place of Origin:China(Mainland)
  • Minimum order:460
Product Name:Artificial Rose
Color :Red, pink, white, etc.
Branch length: 17.8\'\'/ 45cm
medium head flower: 1
medium leaves: 2
small leaves: 2
Mterial:plastic and silk
a box of 36
a box of 10 boxes, a total of 360

The craftsmanship of artificial flowers is very delicate, delicate and realistic. For example, the thickness, color and texture of rose petals are almost the same as real flowers. The blooming gerbera is also sprinkled with drops of dew. Some sword flowers have a pair of bugs crawling on the tip of the flower. There are also some woody sea otters that use natural stumps as branches and silk to make flowers look lifelike and beautiful.
Artificial flowers can be used to beautify the home, and can also be decorated in public places such as large hotels, exhibition halls, supermarkets, stations, etc. It is reported that in the past 50 years, artificial flowers in the world have formed a large-scale production, the United States, France, In economically developed countries such as Germany, Germany and the Netherlands, the sales of artificial flowers are increasing year by year. In 2004, the United States spent a total of 1.75 billion US dollars on artificial simulations, a 1.5-fold increase over 10 years ago. The dried flowers produced by Australians are as famous as the tulips produced in the Netherlands. Has been exported to more than 60 countries. Recognized as \"the flower of fashion that never fades.\" Singapore, which is rich in “Huji”, is even more ingenious in applying the gold plating process to orchids, creating a variety of shining brooch, earrings, pendants and other accessories, which are popular with many stars, singers and stars. It can be seen that the commercial value of artificial flowers is extraordinary.

Holiday gifts, Weeding bouquet, Home decorations, etc.

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