Development of Hong Kong-US Stock Exchange System

  • FOB Price : USD $73,000.00 / Piece
  • Minimum order:1
  • Place of Origin:China

Why invest in Hong Kong and US stocks?

First, invest in high-quality companies, Apple, Google, Ali, Tencent, etc. in international markets such as U.S. stocks, Hong Kong stocks and so on.

Second, investment means are abundant, can buy up and sell short, whether bull market or bear market is operable.

Third, market transparency and regulation. Perfect market system, strict supervision and protection of ordinary investors\'rights and interests

Fourth, T + 0 is flexible. Perfect market system, good liquidity of trading on the same day, lock in revenue

Fifth, the ultra-low investment threshold, the buying and selling of U.S. stocks, no restrictions on trading units, low transaction costs

U.S. Stock Trading Time

21:30-4:00 (daylight saving time)

22:30-5:00 (winter time)

Hong Kong Stock Exchange Time



The System Advantage of Our Link Development

1. Real-time data: Exchange authorizes the implementation of data, 24 hours to provide market information prices, to ensure timely and accurate data.

2. Personalized early warning function: fully guard with bank-level security encryption technology, strictly guarantee the information/capital security of investors

3. Easy to operate: Lean R&D characteristic indicators, new operating interface, characteristic data indicators, easy to face all kinds of market

4. Millisecond trading orders: Professional development team carefully optimizes, from orders to transactions slippery experience

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