ball mill bearing -Manufacturer directly China- OEM according to drawings

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We produce babbitt bearing, metal bearing, white metal bearing, bearing liner, bearing material, bearing housing, Tilting pad thrust bearing, Tilting Pad Journal Bearing, Journal Bearing,Thrust Bearing, ring gear(ball mill machine), eccentric sleeves etc., which are OEM customized according to the customer\'s drawings.


Suitable for ball mills, coal mills, rotary kiln

Specification model:

All products such as the bearing ring gear can be customized according to the customer\'s actual requirements and accurate drawings.

Quality quality:

Products have been exported to Russia, Australia, Turkey, India and other countries, export quality, quality assurance.

Welcome customers and major traders to conduct business cooperation.

Factory Processing Capacity:

1 set of 2.5m vertical car, 2 sets of 4m vertical cars , 2 sets of 80-arm drills , one set of 130- boring machine, one set of 160-floor boring machine, one set of 8m vertical car, 2 sets of 8m hobbing machine, 1 set of surface grinder, 1 set of gantry machining center.

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