12.5in Tricone Rock drill bit for oil well drilling

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12.5in Tricone Rock drill bit for oil well drilling

Why tricone drill bit are most widely used

Due to impact, crushing and shearing rock breaking when roller cone rotates, the contact area between cone and bottom hole is small, the specific pressure is high, the working torque is small, and the working blade has a large total length and can be suitable for rock of various kinds.

what is the working principle of tricone drill bit

Tricone bits rely on the impact of the cone on the formation, crushing and sliding shear to crush the rock.

Basical Specification
Size of tricone bit
17 1/2\" inch (444.5 mm)
Thread Connection
7 5/8\" API reg pin
Bearing type
rubber /metal o-ring journal bearing
Operating Parameters
WOB (Weight On Bit)
0.35~1.05 KN/mm (bit Dia.)
Rotary speed
110~40r/min / 220~40 r/min
Make up torque
Medium formation with high compressive strength ,and high drillability ,such as mudstone,gypsum,salt,soft limestone,etc.

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