17.5in IADC 537 TCI Rock Drill Bit for water well drilling

  • FOB Price : USD $10,000.00 / Piece
  • Minimum order:1
  • Place of Origin:China
17.5in IADC 537 TCI Rock Drill Bit for water well drilling


1. Metal face seal journal bearing .New processes of head bearing hardfacing and cone bearing silver plating are used to improve the load capacity, anti-galling ability and stability of the bearing .

2.Varies shapes of inserts can be equipped on this series of bits,including scoop inserts, wedge inserts, conical-spherical inserts and double spherical inserts,etc.Drilling process& formation and bit are efficient integrated by scientific insert shape selection to realize safety and high efficient drilling .

3. A row of inserts is added between gage row and heel row to trim borehole wall and protect cone shell.

Basical Specification
Size of tricone bit
17 1/2\" inch (444.5 mm)
Thread Connection
7 5/8\" API reg pin
Bearing type
rubber /metal o-ring journal bearing
Operating Parameters
WOB (Weight On Bit)
0.35~1.05 KN/mm (bit Dia.)
Rotary speed
110~40r/min / 220~40 r/min
Make up torque
Medium formation with high compressive strength ,and high drillability ,such as mudstone,gypsum,salt,soft limestone,etc.

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