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Aluminum foil bag features, benefits, classification

Features of aluminum foil bag (1) Strong air barrier, anti-oxidation, waterproof and moisture-proof. (2) Strong mechanical properties, high anti-blasting performance, strong puncture and tear resistance. (3) High temperature resistance (121 ° C), low temperature resistance (-50 ° C), good oil resistance and good aroma retention performance. (4) Non-toxic and tasteless, in line with food and pharmaceutical packaging hygiene standards. (5) Good heat sealing performance, softness and high barrier property.

The use of aluminum foil bags

Aluminum foil bags can be seen from the name, aluminum foil bags are not plastic bags, and can even be said to be superior to ordinary plastic bags. Which bag should you choose when you want to refrigerate or pack food now, and to ensure that the food has the longest shelf life? Don\'t worry about choosing which bag to choose. Aluminum foil bag is the best choice.

A common aluminum foil bag, its surface generally has a anti-gloss characteristic, that is, it does not absorb light, and it is made of multiple layers. Therefore, aluminum foil paper has good light-shielding property and strong isolation, and The composition of the aluminum is inside, so it also has good oil resistance and softness.

Now, with the constant disclosure of counterfeiting and selling, especially the safety accident of plastic bags, the main concern is not the function of the bag, but its safety. However, consumers can rest assured that the foil pouch is non-toxic and has no special odor. It is definitely a green raw product, an environmentally friendly product, and an aluminum foil bag that also meets the national health standards.

The benefits of aluminum foil bags

Throughout the ages, people will bring gifts when they visit relatives and friends. This is a traditional custom of the Middle Ages. When visiting relatives and friends who are far away, they will bring some special products of their hometown wrapped in aluminum foil bags or themselves. The special snacks of the masterpieces show more sincerity and kindness. The so-called rituals are light and affectionate. The important thing is the heart. However, some things are cooked and eaten. It is easy to deteriorate on the way to carry, so there are many things that are very delicious but hard to take away. I am afraid that when I am on the road, I will be exposed to the air and make the microorganisms in the food. It may be mildewed and deteriorated. It may also be due to the long time and the loss of the original taste of the food. Now, with the development of technology, these problems have been solved. If necessary, it is good to avoid food deterioration on the way, and will not damage the flavor of food. Vacuum packaging It has a good ability to prevent the entry of air, resist external pressure, and maintain the freshness of food. Visiting friends and relatives, the family often has aluminum foil bags for packaging, and has a face.

Classification of aluminum foil bags

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