HAP Horizontal Heavy Duty Slurry Pump

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HAP Horizontal Heavy Duty Slurry Pump

Main Specifications

Size: 1-18 inches

Capacity: 10-9000 m3/h

Head: 5-120m

Material: Hi-chromium metal liner, or Rubber liner

Seal: Packing seal, Expeller seal and Mechanical seal

Pump Features

1. The HAP pump is a horizontal cantilever centrifugal pump with double casing structure, which is Wholly exchangeable with AH&AHR series Warman pump. The pump casings are made of cast iron to bear the high pressure during the pump running and the inner wet end parts is made of high chrome alloy or rubber material for the wear abrasion and corrosion resistant purpose. Our pump’s discharge has 8 positions at every 45-degree interval that can be selected to meet the customer installation and application requirements.

2. The bearing assembly is with bracket structure. It makes much easier to adjust the clearance of the impeller and the suction plate and easily disassembling the pump. The bearing is using grease lubrication.

3. Drive methods: the pump and motor could be used direct coupling (DC) drive, or with belts and pulley drives. When use pulley drives, there different installation methods, such as CV, CR, CL and ZV drives. It could be selected according to the room space and motor power, to meet the customer requirement.

4. The pumps are widely flow, good NPSHr and high efficiency. The pump could run in different speed, to make sure the pumps working in its highest efficiency point, and to meet the customer requirement. Also, to satisfy long distance transmission or other badly conditions, our pumps could be used in series.

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Series HAP slurry pumps are widely used in the mining, coal washing plant, power plant, metallurgy, petrochemical, building material, dredging and other industrial departments, etc.

It is used in the various working sites including hydro cyclone feeding pump, magnetic separator feeding pump, underflow slurry pump (thickener underflow pump, filter separator underflow pump), flotation feeding pump, vibrating sieve feeding pump, shaking grading pressure pump, concentrate pump, and tailing pump.Designed for handling strong abrasive and high concentration slurries, HAP series slurry pumps are cantilevered heavy duty slurry pumps with metal liner.

With thick wear parts and heavy-duty support, HAP series could run in series in the allowable range of pump working pressure.

Pump Structure


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