Heat Exchanger Tube

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We offer a wide range of solutions for heat exchanger manufacturers within the following parameters:

Dimensions of heat exchanger tubes:

Outer Diameter(OD) : 0.5″~3″(12.7mm~76.2mm)

Wall Thickness(WT) :0.035″~0.3″(0.89mm~7.62mm)

Lengths and fixed lengths on request

Standards: ASTM A 179M-1990a, ASME SA 179M, ASME Section II Part A

EN 10216-2, tolerances acc. to EN 10305

Steel Grade: P235 GH TC 1, SA 556 C 2, A 179/SA 179 ,Other materials on request

Packaging of heat exchanger tubes
(a) tubes bound with a steel band that has a paper underneath
(b) tubes wrapped in plastic sheets, burlap,
(c) tubes in wooden crates.
The tubes are supplied in packages with a circular or hexagonal outline with having weight of 300 – 2500 kg.
Testing of heat exchanger tubes
– prescribed mechanical tests,
– leak tightness test by eddy current,
– hydrostatic testing,
– ultrasound testing.
Certified test reports for heat exchanger tubes
EN 10204: for EN 10297 nonspecified testing (only the mandatory tests), 2.2
specified testing – 3.1.B
after agreement – 3.1.A, 3.1.C, 3.2
DIN 50049, – 2.2, 3.1. B
Straightness of heat exchanger tubes
Straightness deviation for the whole length of a tube L can not exceed value of 0.0015 x L. In conversion to the 1 meter length it can not exceed 3 mm.
Condition of delivery and surface of tubes
Tubes are supplied according to agreed standards. The cold drawn tubes after the final forming go through thermal processing in shielding gas – normalizing.
Surface protection of heat exchanger tubes
The inner and outer surface is protected by a light oil application. Upon request it may be protected with and easy removable oil application on the outer side. The tube ends may be enclosed by a plug.

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