JR factory natural diamond roughing and polishing vitrified bond grinding wheel for diamond bruting machine

  • FOB Price : USD $48.00 / Piece
  • Minimum order:1
  • Place of Origin:China

JR is a professional vitrified bond diamond wheel supplier who has more than 20years experience in diamond tools industry. Vitrified bond diamond grinding wheel is widely used in the processing of natural diamonds, including diamond bottom and bruting processing.


In our clients\' application, they will start to process the diamond bottom firstly. Install the diamond on the machine, and use our common specification for diamond bottom 170*12*32*14mm and 200*15*32*15mm, regular grit is 100/120, 170/200, 325/400; 400/600. After finishing diamond bottom process, they take out the diamonds and proceed to the next step: diamond bruting. For this step, the common specification for diamond bruting wheel they used is 170*10*32*14mm; the regular grit is 325/400, W40, W28, W20. Choose different grit to achieve diamond surface roughing, polishing and finishing. Concentration includes C25, C50, C75, C100, C125 and C150 for clients’ option.

Both of processes are in wet grinding, R&D terms research various formulas are available for different applications. Other size can be customized

1A1 flat-shape and 14A1 shape diamond abrasive vitrified grinding wheels enjoys characteristics of good self-sharpening, blocking-free, high grinding efficiency, superior finish, long working life, less heat and easy dressing.

Advantage :

1, Increased feed rates
2, Good shaped
3, No need dressing
4, Less heat occurs
5, Excellent dynamic balance control.
6, Can cut superhard workpiece like natural diamond,gemstones.



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